¡Hola! I’m Christine, a Seattleaboutmeblogite turned expat who’s wandering, photographing and eating my way through Spain and beyond.

I moved to Spain alone at age 22, with two overpacked bags, and basically zero Spanish. I was optimistic and naïve and originally only planned to stay an academic year, enough to learn some Spanish and move back to the familiar comforts of home and a pending career.

The only problem was I really wasn’t ready to leave Spain after that first year. There was more Spanish to learn, more corners to uncover, and let’s be honest, the lifestyle wasn’t easy to leave. So, I stayed. Five years later, I’m still here and just as in love with Spain as I was then. Well, almost–the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever, ya know!

In that time, I’ve traveled extensively around the country, hopped a bit around Europe, and even had some far-flung adventures in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

This blog is my testament to the vibrant, diverse and beautiful country that is Spain. It’s full of some of my favorite places, learning experiences, and travel–both in Spain, and all over the world.

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