October 2009
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“Pay attention to the path and you will reach the destination.”
– Thanks, Buddah :)
Oct 27th
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Oct 19th
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Oct 18th
Looking forward to this. →
Click link for average temps in Algeciras. Looking forward to a ‘chilly’ 60 degree winter ;)
Oct 10th
Oct 10th
September 2009
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I'm really doing this!
It’s official. I just booked my flight today and will be leaving October 12th for Algeciras, Spain to live, work, and learn Spanish for the next {7.5} months! This is absolutely a dream come true and I am so thankful for the opportunity, even though a significant part of me is wanting to crouch into the fetal position and hide when I remember just how horrible my Spanish is. So it could be...
Sep 30th