December 2010
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New Series: Spanish Slang Sundays
For the first in a new series of Sunday posts focusing on Spanish slang, we’re talking M O N E Y: Pasta literally means, well, pasta, but is a slang-y way of talking about money. For example: “Tienes pasta?” “Do you have money?” Pavos literally means turkeys but is often used in reference to money. It’s used just like how we use “bucks” in...
Dec 12th
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Spanish Gifts Worth Giving For the Holidays
Spanish children may be considered among the most lucky in the world, as they have not one, but two days they receive presents during the holidays. The first is Christmas morning, and the second, (and even bigger holiday) is Dia de Los Tres Reyes, or Day of the Three Kings, as in the Three Kings of Bethlehem. Assuming you’re not 5 years old and want a Tickle-Me-Elmo (or whatever it is kids...
Dec 11th
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The 10 Best Things About Living in Spain
Bouts of homesickness during the holidays are normal when you’re celebrating half a world away. Missing my second Thanksgiving at home in a row set off mild to moderate pangs that had me reminiscing of the ease of locating cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie filling in the grocery store, and a day centered around comfort food, football and family. Celebrating Thanksgiving again in Spain,...
Dec 8th
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