April 2010
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Off The Beaten Path
As I’ve logged more and more days abroad, my life and travels here have slowly transitioned from fish-out-of-water to resident. The more time I’m away from home, the more I’m convinced that traveling with intention does profound things to the soul and centers you. Famous artists, writers and intellectuals used traveling as a therapeutic escape to stimulate their creativity and channel their...
Apr 23rd
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“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of...”
– Cesare Pavese
Apr 23rd
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Lagos & Luz, Portugal
I never experienced the fun and wild college spring breaks as an undergrad. Better late than never, right? 8 of us piled into two cars and made the road-trip from the south of Spain to the south of Portugal in about 5 hours to spend a long weekend in a huge villa we rented out; complete with a private pool and views of the Atlantic ocean. After the rainiest winter in 50+ years in Algeciras, we...
Apr 15th
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Apr 15th
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Euskal Herria
I wrote a detailed entry on my time spent in Basque Country, and somehow it got deleted before I was able to post it. Feeling defeated and unmotivated to write it all over again, it has taken me time to begin the process again.  The first time I heard of the Basque Country was last summer when my good friend Alex, and his girlfriend Lisa, were off on a summer vacation to San Sebastian and Bilbao....
Apr 14th
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