September 2010
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¡Buen Provecho!
It’s near-impossible to set foot in Spain without seeing a pig’s leg hanging from a butcher’s storefront window. At first, the hunk of leg with the hoof still attached was a bit shocking to my over-sensitized American eyes, but after one slice of savory jamón ibérico drizzled in Spanish olive oil, all was well in the world.Jamón ibérico is from the black Iberian pig of southern...
Sep 30th
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Help Me Win Trazzler's "On the Road" Contest!
I just entered Trazzler’s “On the Road” writing contest to win a chance at a freelance travel writing contract, *swoon!* I had to write a short blurb on a favorite, re-creatable travel experience, while really zeroing in on the moment, the sights, the sounds, etc. Please check out my entry here and click the green “Save” button to vote! It...
Sep 1st