January 2011
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Spanish Slang Sundays: Personality Idioms
In English, we have a lots of idiomatic expressions to describe our fellow man. In Spanish, they may have even more: Next to the Prison in Sevilla where Cervantes penned Don Quijote. ser un Quijote literally means “to be a Quijote,” as in Don Quijote, the legendary chivalrous character in Miguel de Cervantes’ esteemed novel. It means “to be a dreamer.” comer...
Jan 30th
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Feeling the Holiday Spirit in Vancouver, B.C. pt....
We started off the evening (see what happened earlier in the day here) checking out lively Robson Street-full of international eateries, great shopping (I even found my beloved Spanish brand, Zara!) and people out and about meeting with friends. Robson Street (by day) Vancouver Public Library on Robson Street We walked the length of Robson overwhelmed by options for dinner, I definitely...
Jan 17th
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Feeling the Holiday Spirit in Vancouver, B.C.
During a whirlwind Christmas vacation back in Seattle, I wanted to take a couple of days away from the madness of last-minute shopping and marathon baking to enjoy a winter getaway with my loved ones. Reservations booked and bags packed, we set out early and headed across the border to spend the night in the regal Fairmont Hotel Vancouver—courtesy of a Trazzler travel writing contest I won....
Jan 16th
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Spanish Slang Sundays: FIESTA
For the second installment of ‘Spanish Slang Sundays’ we’re putting on our party pants for all of the slang/vocab associated with fiestas: Marcha = (mar-chuh) Nightlife. Salir de marcha means to go out and par-TAY! Or party. Whatever floats your boat. Cerveza = (ther-veh-thuh) Beer. Come on, I know you remember this from your high school Spanish class. Mas cerveza, por favor!...
Jan 9th
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Falling in Love With Granada...Again
Time seems to have stood still in this city of Spanish-Moorish fusion. It’s impossible to not be lured in by its tucked-away side-streets, charming shops and pervasive energy. There is something intoxicating about Granada and it engulfs you almost immediately. I knew it as soon as I set my feet upon it’s cobbled streets for the first time last February, and my return trip during a long...
Jan 6th
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