October 2011
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Guest Post: The Five Greatest Challenges of...
Will Peach is one of the site editors over at Gap Daemon, the gap year community website for backpackers and gap year travellers. You can find out more about his adventures living in Spain at myspanishadventure.com. Judging by the mountain pile of English speaking bloggers, travellers and teachers who head out to Spain to live, work and travel every year, one thing appears certain: Spain is a...
Oct 28th
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#FriFotos & Interviews of Yours Truly
This week’s #frifotos theme is “one” in celebration of one year of travel bloggers, photographers and Twitter fanatics sharing their photos. This is one windmill on the beautiful island of Mykonos in, quite possibly my favorite country ever; Greece. Not to be confused with the Consuegra windmills in this post. Anyway, thanks for all of your sweet comments on my last...
Oct 14th
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Dos Años
Exactly two years ago, this whole adventure began. It feels surreal, not only that two years later I’m STILL here, living out what was at once a mere dream, but that this even happened at all. It’s funny looking back on this post I wrote just before I was set to take off. When I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and had no idea that the few Spanish words I knew would be of...
Oct 12th
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Dreaming of Donostia
As the air cools down to something pleasant rather than stifling, the swimming pools close down, and the beaches empty out, I start missing summer. Not the uncomfortable, humid summer I found here in on the coast in Andalucía, but rather the warm, breezy, beautiful weather I found in the north. Not every day was pleasant, but on those days when the sun came out it was perfection. Just like my...
Oct 10th
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