December 2011
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Christmas Scenes in Algeciras
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Though I spent Christmas up north (no going home this year, boo-hoo!) I took a walk around my town to take in some of the Christmas decor and share it with you. :) A tiny church in Plaza Alta. And the main church in Plaza Alta. Plaza Alta’s Christmas Tree. The Town Hall during a 3-D show. Interesting. An Algecireño street. Lights...
Dec 27th
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Where I Went in 2011
As the year wraps up, I’m looking back on how amazing it’s been, and how lucky I feel to be enjoying these experiences. This year, though I added just one new country to my list, I added many new destinations and explored my adopted country even more thoroughly. January I started off 2011 fresh from a Christmas visit in my hometown of Seattle. I rang in the New Year in the...
Dec 20th
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San Francisco's Chinatown
During my recent trip back to the United States, I stopped not only in my beautiful city of Seattle, but also in San Francisco, for a week of relaxing with loved ones and sight-seeing. I had been to San Francisco’s Chinatown a few years before, but the memories were fuzzy, so I made sure to include it on my itinerary this time around. I’m so glad I did. Street Art in San...
Dec 13th
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Why Being an Expat is The Best of Both Worlds
Even those who travel long-term, and are arguably, “living the dream”, aren’t free of complaints. They’ll be the first to tell you that while life on the road is amazing, on some days, you just get tired of travel. Flying high. That’s why I’m of the belief that expat life is simply the best of both worlds. Though I’ve written before about...
Dec 12th
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Wake-up Call.
Oh, Spain. A trip to the hospital right after my return from my amazing US vacay wasn’t the warmest welcome back.   But let’s be honest, I really can’t blame it on you. After 5+ hours in the plane from Seattle to Philly, then another 7 from Philly to Madrid, plus a 6 hour unplanned nap in the car (damn jet-lag!) and yet another 6+ hours driving down to el sur, my leg was hating...
Dec 8th
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Guest Post: Tips to enjoy stress-free travel...
This post has been made possible by Seeing the world and taking in as many different cultures and customs is an amazing experience and that well-worn saying that travel broadens the mind is certainly true.  Here are a few pointers to remember for anyone about to embark on a special trip around Europe that are designed to ensure your break goes as smoothly as possible: Invest...
Dec 8th
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Guest Post: Experience the Holiest of Holies in...
Today’s post has been made possible by For a truly unique look into Spanish culture, consider a holiday around the famous Holy Week celebrations that take place in Sevilla each year. I myself have yet to go, but the experience is definitely on my bucket list! Spain is a country overflowing with warmth, culture and intrigue and it’s a shame that many people only get a...
Dec 5th
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I’m back in Spain after 3 short, but blissful weeks back home in the States. Though coming back to Spain is always difficult, I appreciate the perspective it gives me, and how it’s made me value every second I spend with my family and friends. Before this last trip, I hadn’t been back to my homeland for a year. Going back was exactly what I needed to start the new year off...
Dec 5th
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