February 2011
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Brace Your Taste-Buds...The Tortilla Española...
I’ve eaten a lot of strange foods since I’ve been in Spain: cow tongues, squid cooked in their own ink, blood sausage…and the list goes on. I stand by my own personal mantra that I need to at least try the dish, before I turn my nose up at it, (though that gets more difficult all the time.) I don’t know why I allow this mantra to continue to exist, because when something...
Feb 21st
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Why Expat Life Isn't Exactly An Extended Vacation
There’s a huge difference between visiting a place and living there. On vacation, you’re in well, vacation mode; everyday is new and exciting, full of exotic sights and interesting people. However, when you stay long enough, the summer fun fades away, the tourists go back home and you’re experiencing life as a local. I moved to Spain with the intention of staying a little more...
Feb 17th
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Love That Crosses Borders: Andi of...
Andi and I share a love for travel, all things Spanish, and writing about our adventures. She’s engaged to an Argentine named Lucas and they’re set to get married in May in a dreamy destination wedding in Buenos Aires. Here’s her lovely love-story :) Did you set off on your travels hoping to find foreign love…or did it find you? Actually, the opposite! I was traveling to try...
Feb 14th
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Love That Crosses Borders: Annie of...
Annie and I went to the same university (GO DAWGS!) and graduated the same year, but actually met through the wonders of Twitter and soon realized we had a lot in common. Annie is also enjoying the pleasures that come along with living in a Mediterranean country and has been living in Florence, Italy for the past year with her Italian boyfriend. Here’s her love-story: Did you set off on...
Feb 14th
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Love That Crosses Borders: Alexis from...
Alexis and I grew up in the same suburb outside of Seattle. We went to junior high and high school together, and then she went off to UNLV to study. We got back in touch when she was making plans to move to Stockholm, Sweden after graduation and it’s been fun to see someone experiencing some of the same exciting changes I did when I moved to Spain. Now happily in Sweden, she’s followed...
Feb 14th
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Spanish Slang Sundays: El Amor
I’m a huge sap, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, naturally I had to include a lil’ love talk on Spanish Slang Sundays. Here’s all the vocab, idioms and slang you need to feel all mushy-gushy, butterflies and rainbows, Romeo and Juliet inside: amor a primera vista: love at first sight muy enamorados: very much in love cuento de hadas: fairy tale amar/querer:...
Feb 13th
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Sevilla For The Senses
Southern Spain possesses many enchanting places, but it’s impossible to not let the antique charm of Sevilla sweep you into its colorful fairytale. Sevilla is at the heart of all things Andalusian: flamenco, bullfighting, sangria and they are all heightened here. In years past, Sevilla felt the influx of New World riches and has been called home by many wealthy and influential Spanish...
Feb 11th
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Eat, Sleep, Drink, See: Sevilla
A 48-Hour Budget Guide to Sevilla, España Eat Taberna Coloniales, Pl. Cristo de Burgos, 19 This bar seemed small and crowded at first glance, but after our name was called from the waiting list, we were lead upstairs to another dining room. This is definitely a popular place, and though it is located in the tourist center, was full of locals. Most tapas here range from €1.50-3.50 while medias y...
Feb 9th
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Where I'd Take a Visitor to in Andalucía, Spain
Despite it being January, I can’t help but be SO excited about summer. My parents plan to spend a month here in Europe with me, my aunt is constantly checking flights, and my brothers and their significant others are throwing around dates and saving up vacation days. By the looks of it, I’ll be having a steady stream of visitors, not to mention my friends who have already bought their...
Feb 1st
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