March 2011
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Blog4Japan: How We Can Help
                         This page is dedicated to helping the survivors of the Friday 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan by channeling international donations to local efforts. The earthquake and tsunami have caused extensive and severe damage in Northeastern Japan, over 9,500 people have been confirmed dead and another 16,000 are missing, and millions more...
Mar 30th
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Tenerife: Something For Everyone
I’m so happy to introduce my first guest post on Christine|in|Spain today from Katherina of 100 Miles Highway. Katherina is a native of the Canary Islands, hailing from Tenerife. Though Tenerife is famous for its decadent Carnavale celebrations, Katherina explains that there is much more to her home than sun and fun. Read on to learn more! Be sure to follow Katherina on Twitter...
Mar 28th
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Photos: Springtime in Western Europe
Finally, Spring is here! Back home, Spring is usually a slightly warmer but equally wet and gray time of the year, but here in southern Spain? The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and I’m counting down the days until I can lay out on the beach (usually possible in April!) Okay, I also know it’s warming up outside because a mosquito bit me (on the face!) twice in my sleep last...
Mar 21st
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Celebrating My Irish in Ireland
With my heritage stemming from nearly all corners of the globe, I could be considered a mutt, a Heinz 57 and/or a one-woman melting pot. I’m half-Mexican which traces back to not only the indigenous people of Mexico but also to Spain, and with my last name meaning “old city” in the Arab world, I could have some far traces there as well. Both of my grandparents in Mexico have...
Mar 17th
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Free Things to Do in Madrid
A new series of money-saving tips for your next visit to Spain’s major cities. Food, accommodation, entertainment, transportation…your travel budget has many avenues by which to leave your pocket. Keep your wallet lined with a few more Euros and save on these free things to do in Madrid: Free Sights Palacio Real Venture into the royal palace of the Spanish monarchy, free on...
Mar 14th
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Travel Photography Obsession: Doors
When I was a little girl, trips to my grandparent’s house always meant I would get to snoop through my grandma’s things. She kept pictures of my mom, aunts and uncle from their childhood, photos from her WWII-era Sydney wedding, typewriters, old records, even her stylish vintage wardrobe. I would uncover dusty boxes, peek through closets, ask a million questions and somehow she never...
Mar 10th
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Traveling Off-Season to the Algarve, Portugal
A church in Albufeira’s center. A Winter Getaway With last weekend being a 3-day weekend in Andalucía, Spain thanks to “Andalucía Day” I made my winter escape across the border to the Algarve region in Portugal. I made the same trip last year and loved the area so much, I couldn’t wait to return. What’s so enchanting about the Algarve? For me, it’s the...
Mar 7th
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Photo Essay: Seeing My Surroundings With New Eyes
Lately, I’ve been consciously attempting to not slip into the feeling of being blind to my own beautiful surroundings. That must be what happens when there’s no certainty as to where you’ll be calling home. But, it also happens no matter where you are. I remember being back home, and majestic Mt. Rainier towering over my hometown in Washington State would somehow slip into the...
Mar 1st
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