May 2011
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Drinks of Spain (With Recipes!)
Summer is approaching and in the south of Spain, that means two things: hot weather and cold drinks. Spain isn’t as big on the complicated cocktails I’m used to sipping back home. Like their cuisine, they keep it simple, and of course, delicious! Here’s a round-up of my favorite summer sips, with recipes, so you can make them at home: Tinto de Verano Photo via flickr...
May 25th
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Paris: My Wishlist
Tickets have been purchased, and I’m set to jet off to Paris in July for a few days! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. [Photo by NonisImages] Paris oozes chicness. It’s a city adored by many, and I suspect I’ll fall victim too; ending up hopelessly in love with it. [Photo by chelstastic] When I imagine Paris, many images are conjured. Here’s...
May 20th
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My First Feria: Jerez de la Frontera
Though I already gave a quick overview of ferias in general, did I mention they’re absolutely beautiful? The Andalusian horses, with their silky coats gleaming under the harsh midday sun. The Jacaranda trees in bloom, in an almost unbelievable shade of purple. The women dressed exquisitely in expensive flamenco dresses. The men, dapper in suits upon their prized horses. Paper lanterns,...
May 17th
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A Birthday, A Sacrifice, An Understanding.
Today marks the birthday of a very special person in my life; my father. My childhood wasn’t exactly the same as every other kid in my classroom because most of them had both parents born and raised in The United States. My childhood holds memories of learning how to roll my R’s, saying a bi-lingual grace before dinner in English and Spanish, piñatas at birthday parties, and every few...
May 14th
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Feria Season is Here!
Photo via Flickr: Anrapu The colors, the traditional wear, the pageantry,the rebujitos! Feria (fair) season has finally arrived in Spain. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year, every town and village has their own feria, with it’s own unique flair, usually somewhere between May and October. This weekend I’m off to my first-ever feria; the Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la...
May 13th
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Learning Danish in Spain: Hygge
Last year, I had a patchwork group of friends hailing from all corners of the globe, whom for one reason or another, found their way to this unassuming port city on Spain’s Mediterranean coast where I continue to live. We were a young, wanderlust-driven group of people exchanging our knowledge of the English language for an experience living in a foreign country, or, for the Spanish friends...
May 11th
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Lekeitio: One of the Most Beautiful Places I've...
Tucked away in the emerald hills of Spain’s Basque Country is a cluster of red-roofed buildings set in stark contrast against a teal sea. Lekeitio; a village of around 8,000 during the quieter winter months, and 30,000 when the population explodes in the summertime with Europeans coming to enjoy the beautiful beaches and world-famous Basque cuisine. Lekeitio is the type of place so...
May 9th
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Guest Post: Everything I Need To Know, I Learned...
Cat Gaa left the skyscrapers of Chicago for the olive groves of Spain over four years ago. You can find her soaking up the sunshine in Sevilla, where she teaches English and blogs for her own Sunshine and Siestas. You can also follow her on Twitter.  I was in a copper-pot adorned flamenco cave in Granada when a blond girl turned to me. “Is this your first time in Spain?” she asked, obviously...
May 5th
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Zarautz: A Snapshot
Arriving at sunset, I breathed in the cool, salty air as I made my way from the main street of Zarautz, a popular Basque town, to one of the longest coastlines of brown-sugar sand I’ve seen. I remember seeing footprints everywhere. In the rosy glow of the sun retiring for the evening, it looked as though someone had stepped in paint, and made little inky paths of prints all the way from...
May 3rd
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