June 2011
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I'm Alive!
Dear Loyal Readers: I know it’s been WEEKS since my last update, but I promise I have a good excuse(s) :) Here’s what’s been happening: I moved—yay! Downside is, new apartment has no Internet, and no Internet means fewer posts. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on being connected via the web, not only for blogging, but also for staying in touch with family and...
Jun 27th
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Guest Post: It's a Big, Big World
Forget all that nonsense about this being a small world. It’s huge – too big, in fact – and no matter how many places you visit and how many flights you board, you will never run out of new destinations and new life-affirming experiences with which to fill your unconventional life. The unfortunate downside to traveling in this modern day and age is that cost often dictates where and when we...
Jun 27th
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