August 2011
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Paris's Palette
I didn’t go to Paris expecting to see much color. In a uniform city (there’s a strict 6-story max building code) often with a backdrop of a drab, gray sky, I didn’t imagine color would be bursting at its seams like it does in Morocco or Greece.  But, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll find it: You’ll find it in the manicured lawns of Versailles, in clusters of...
Aug 26th
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Brasseries & Bistrots: The 2 B's of Paris
(A brasserie in Ile St. Louis) Brasseries Forget the Michelin-starred jewels of Paris’s culinary crown. A brasserie (meaning brewery) is sophisticated without being stuffy. These are much more than the simple beer taverns of Paris’s past. Brasseries are where the French go to eat well at a reasonable price, and where tourists should go for an authentic peek into Parisian life. ...
Aug 24th
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Jardin du Luxembourg: A Park Built for a Queen
Marie de’ Medici, patron of the arts and queen consort of France, purchased the Hotel du Luxembourg and converted it and its grounds into what is the Jardin du Luxembourg and Luxembourg Palace of today. Gorgeous lawns and flowers. Hailing from Florence, Italy, Marie de’ Medici had the palace and gardens fashioned into an imitation of the Pitti Palace and a park she had known as a...
Aug 20th
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Edible Art: Parisian Pastries
My week-long jaunt in Paris left me in a state of sensory overload: the architecture, the fashion, the history, the pastries, the culture…THE PASTRIES. I indulged (and overindulged) my inner shopaholic, culture-vulture, history nerd and sweet-tooth, and must say; Paris easily met my high expectations. Between pain au chocolats, tartes, macarons and more, my palette was in a sucrée-coated...
Aug 10th
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