September 2011
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Guest Post: 4 Day-Trips from Bilbao by Liz of...
A fellow Basque-Country enthusiast, Liz, from has cheerfully agreed to share her northern Spain expertise and insight today. Moving in to her second year of living abroad, she’s come to know and appreciate the Basque region, and is spilling her secrets on the best day-trip destinations from Bilbao. Thanks, Liz! I’ve noticed something this past year while living in Bilbao....
Sep 30th
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The Places That Hooked Me in...
You know that moment when you’re in a new place, whether it be for a few hours or a few days and your pulse quickens a bit? When you glance around and your surroundings absolutely grab you? It may hit you unexpectedly—during an amazing al fresco meal, while strolling out on a balmy night, or watching the sun set. It may overwhelm your senses all at once. The relationship you can have...
Sep 28th
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Friday Photos: Lights
I decided to participate in Twitter’s #FriFotos this week, and the theme is LIGHTS. #FriFotos is played weekly and encourages photographers, from amateurs to pros to submit a photo according to the theme. These are then tweeted and shared across Twitter, as well as posted on blogs. Without further ado, here’s my interpretation of this week’s theme: At the yearly summer feria...
Sep 23rd
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Windmills, Consuegra & Don Quijote
A road-trip across Spain led me through its scorching mesita—the plateau in central Spain that leads to bone-chilling winters and hot summers. Scattered across the hilltops of the small town of Consuegra were these whitewashed windmills, standing uniform and churning the breeze: These are the same windmills made famous in the novel Don Quijote by Miguel de Cervantes, where Quijote...
Sep 21st
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Rue Cler
If you read my Travel ABC’s, you know one of my favorite things to do while traveling is to explore the local markets. It gives you an authentic slice of local daily life and it’s often the best place to buy great foodie souvenirs and handcrafted goods to take home. That’s why when I was in Paris, checking out a few of the local markets was high on my to-do list. I did my...
Sep 20th
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Pintxo-Tasting in San Sebastián
Pintxos (peen-chohs), the Basque word for tapas, are small portions of food set up on the bar for purchase to accompany your drink. How do they differ from tapas? Well, they don’t really. Pintxos typically are speared with a toothpick atop a small piece of bread and tapas are more likely to be served on small plates, but with the ever-inventive Basque cuisine, tradition isn’t always...
Sep 19th
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My ABC's of Travel
A fun A-Z survey to get to know the travel secrets of our favorite travel bloggers. If you’re chosen, fill it out and choose 5 travel bloggers you want to know more about! A: Age you went on your first international trip: I was a newborn when I went to Mexico for the first time, a child when I went to Canada, and 21 when I first traveled to Europe. B: Best (foreign) beer you’ve had...
Sep 15th
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I need your help!
Friends & Followers, I have a small favor to ask. I don’t ask for help too often as to not bother you, but something important to me came up. I found an opportunity to enter a contest with On The Go Tours for the chance to travel to Morocco, Russia, Jordan, Turkey or Egypt as a blogger or photographer. What does this mean for me? An amazing opportunity to travel to a destination I...
Sep 13th
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Guest Post: Erin from
The lovely Erin from La Tortuga Viajera is providing today’s post. A fellow American expat in Spain, she lives in Madrid where she blogs about her adventures in Spain, and most recently her travels around exotic locales like Georgia (the country, not the state!), and Turkey. Today she’s sharing her knowledge of madrileño cuisine—and just a fair warning, don’t read this on...
Sep 12th
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Unexpected Madrid
My first few visits to Madrid were always brief stints; an overnight stay at a friend’s piso before an early run to the airport, a quick tour before heading to a different vacation destination. It’s not that I didn’t want to stay longer, anyone who knows me knows how much I adore big cities, but I never met the right set of circumstances to extend my stays. However, a couple of...
Sep 8th
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The Day My Neighborhood Caught on Fire
It was a quiet Thursday night at home. I was curled up on my couch, reading when whiffs of smoke started to fill the air. Thinking it was one of the neighbor’s frequent  summer BBQ’s, I stepped out onto my balcony to confirm my suspicion. Complete silence. “Weird”, I thought. Normally the neighbors hold no qualms about turning up their flamenco music and clapping...
Sep 1st
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