January 2012
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Hang This On Your Wall.
Not that anyone actually needs inspiration to travel, but when your suitcase is collecting dust and you have no trips planned for the foreseeable future, a gorgeous typography print on your wall will perk you up and get you motivated to put a few extra pennies in the travel fund. So, I saved you the time of scouring Etsy, and found these darling prints by some very talented artists. Don’t...
Jan 27th
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Andalucía's White Towns: Jimena de la Frontera
When you live in a bustling, congested port city, sometimes you just want to get away. To escape the noise, the pollution, the people, and find solace in a quieter, simpler place. This place for me was Jimena de la Frontera. Jimena is the type of fairytale Spanish town that seems straight-out-of-a-postcard. White-washed villages have always captured my heart, but Jimena’s regal position...
Jan 26th
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Life Lately via Instagram
So all you fellow iPhone owners are likely familiar with the app Instagram. If not, it’s an app that turns your blah camera phone photos into something a bit more eye-catching with fun filters. Anyway, a fellow blogger, Jenni of Story of My Life, started documenting her day-to-day life via Instagram, compiled them into a weekly round-up and has encouraged other bloggers to participate. So...
Jan 22nd
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17 Mile Drive, California.
If you ever find yourself driving near Monterey and/or Carmel, California, stop everything and find the signs that point you towards the 17-Mile Drive. This gorgeous stretch of scenic road leads you through the Del Monte Forest to the Pacific coastline with several sights and stops in-between. If you go slowly, as I did, it can make for a beautiful day-trip. Otherwise, plan on at least...
Jan 17th
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Guest Post-Northern Majorca: Peace and Quiet...
The Balearic Islands are home to many treasures, but none are as stunning as the northern coast of Majorca. Home to many towns and resorts, including Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia, the north of the island is a far cry from the busy atmosphere of the south. Majorca is certainly an island of contrasts, with lush green hills and white sandy beaches, to the bustling hubbub of Palma and the party town of...
Jan 16th
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What I'd Wear: Casual City Sightseeing
I’ve been wanting to find a way to incorporate fashion into my seemingly ‘Spain-only’ blog. Those who know me can attest to my love of fashion, or at least, my inability to avoid sales at my favorite stores. This is another reason why expat lifestyle wins out for me—I get to have a closet! Albeit, a small European one. So, I’ve started a new series: What...
Jan 12th
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An American's Perspective on Celebrating The...
As of Saturday, the holidays in Spain are officially over. Three back-to-back weekends of stuffing my face with everything from jamón to croquetas, tipping back glasses of vino and bubbly, conquering the cobble-stone streets in high heels and exchanging gifts has finally wound down. This was my first entire holiday season spent in Spain, and after a very American Christmas last year, I’ve...
Jan 9th
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So, You Wanna Live in Spain? Here's How.
Salamanca, Spain Dreaming of basking on golden beaches in Andalucía, exploring cosmopolitan Barcelona or dining exceptionally well in Basque Country? Have you always wanted to learn Spanish and immerse yourself in a new culture? I wanted it all when I set out to find a way to move to Spain in 2009. I remember searching the WWW high and low for someone like me, someone who’s been there,...
Jan 5th
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San Francisco in 48 Hours
I managed to pack in a lot of sight-seeing into just two days in San Francisco. Here’s what I did/saw: Admired the skyscrapers in the Financial District Saw the Christmas lights in Union Square Sampled clam chowder (yes, in a sourdough bowl) and saltwater taffy Explored Chinatown’s gastronomy Went to the Golden Gate Bridge Strolled around Ghirardelii Square Toured...
Jan 4th
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