February 2012
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Carnaval in Cádiz via Instagram
After spending my first Carnaval in Cádiz back in 2010, I knew I’d be back. Though that first visit took me there on a Saturday night, braving the cold, the bottle-filled streets and the mobs of people until the wee hours of the morning, this year, I was content with settling for a Sunday day-trip instead. If I thought going in the day would mean I’d be missing out on the...
Feb 21st
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Honey River
Since I’m in a bit of a chocolate-induced food coma, I’ll let my photos do the talking. Here are the promised pictures of my hike from this past weekend in El Rio de la Miel, or Honey River. Feliz Día de Los Enamorados! P.S. Did you know the Spanish are considered the world’s most romantic nationality? Well, CNNGo seems to think so!
Feb 14th
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Feb 12th
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A Hike in Jimena
Though the white-washed village of Jimena de la Frontera was beautiful; its flower-filled patios and steep, winding streets couldn’t compare with the natural beauty in its surroundings. After climbing to the top of the foothills which Jimena clings to, I walked through the ruins of the Moorish Castle. At one time, the castle made an ideal lookout for approaching threats as the views...
Feb 3rd
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