April 2012
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Apr 27th
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Lisbon vs. San Francisco: Are the Comparisons...
If you’ve heard someone talk about Lisbon, you’ve probably heard them compare it to San Francisco. But, is it true? Could Lisbon, founded in 1255, really have that much in common with San Francisco, founded hundreds of years later? In short, yes.┬áLisbon and San Francisco do have some striking similarities: 1) The cable cars 2) They were both built atop seven hills 3)...
Apr 20th
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Memorable vs. Mediocre Meals While Traveling
Though Lisbon itself wasn’t my favorite, I did have a great dining experience there that I won’t forget soon. It came the day after a mediocre meal accompanied by pretty terrible service. Now trust me, I understand that not everywhere else in the world has a tipping culture like my home country, (thanks for that lesson, Spain!) but tips aside, nothing excuses being downright rude....
Apr 16th
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Curated Links Week 4
Photo: Taken in the white-washed seaside village of Asilah, Morocco in 2010. Hope your weekend has been lovely, readers! My apologies for the quietness around here lately. As you know, I just got back from Portugal, and I’m trying to get reorganized. After a hiatus last week, here’s more curated links! It’s Sunday. In Spain, that means almost everything is shut down. So,...
Apr 15th
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Lisbon: Not What I Expected
I look at visiting new cities as one may look at going on a blind date. Some cities you connect with and want to see again, while others leave little to be desired. Unfortunately for me, Lisbon, Portugal was the latter. I usually never completely write off places and vow to never return, but honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to find a reason to return to Lisbon. It wasn’t horrible,...
Apr 13th
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Apr 4th
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