May 2012
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Bilbao's Best Pintxo
There’s a Basque saying that succiently sums up the culture: Nola jan jakitea, nahikoa jakitea da. To know how to eat is to know enough. If you’ve ever been to Basque Country, or met a Basque person, chances are, you’ve discovered they’re super passionate about food. Everyone’s a foodie. Conversations about food come up regularly, and social gatherings...
May 22nd
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Bilbao (or as the locals say: El Centro del Mundo)
There’s many reasons to love Bilbao. Some surrender themselves to the famous Basque cuisine served up all over town, while others are enchanted by the rolling green hills that surround the city or its brown-sugar sand beaches. I personally love Bilbao because in some ways it reminds me of Seattle with its moody weather, proud locals and abundant greenery…but with much, MUCH better...
May 16th
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Travel Photo Editing For Absolute Beginners
My photos of the places I’ve traveled to will always remain among my most treasured souvenirs of a place. They’re unique to me, as the photos reflect the places and people I’ve seen through my eye alone. When I get home, I’m excited to go through them, and hand-pick the shots I want to edit. This process of looking back on them never fails to bring me right back to the...
May 12th
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How To Learn English (and Other Foreign Languages)
As someone who has been running what I call my “one-woman English academy” for the past two years, I’ve learned not only how to teach my native language to others of all levels, I’ve also learned the techniques to learning a second language. I always tell my students not to be shy in front of me, because I’m a student myself—learning their language, Spanish. So...
May 12th
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Why Basque Country Needs to Be on Your Itinerary
Playa La Concha in San Sebasti√°n, Basque Country I often get e-mails from readers asking for my Spain travel advice. They give me a run-down of their itinerary and it always looks something like this: Madrid, Barcelona and somewhere in Andaluc√≠a (usually Sevilla or Granada). Once in awhile I might see a trip planned around a famous festival—like San Fermines (The Running of the Bulls) in...
May 7th
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