Why My Blog Hibernated This Winter


Why, hello! To say “it’s been awhile” would be a bit of an understatement. Where have I been, you ask?

Well, always looking for a deal, I decided to change web hosts. It was time to renew with my current host, however, the renewal price was a bit of a sticker shock. So, I shopped around, found a cheaper host with good reviews and thought things would be up and running in no time. The whole changing hosts things? Bad idea. Turns out, one of my files in the backup was corrupted, the new host was unable to fix it without me forking out more cash, so I came back to my old host because it was REALLY not worth the headache. Busier than I’ve probably ever been, fixing the problem was put on the back burner and days turned into weeks…and weeks into months (eek!). 

During that time, I debated whether to even come back to blogging. At times it felt more like a chore to keep up this virtual space, than a hobby to pursue. When you write a blog mainly about travel in Spain and haven’t had time to hardly maintain a social life, much less travel, then what do you write about?

Truth is, I just needed the time to disconnect for awhile, and now I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to jump headfirst back into blogging again. I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed you!

Author: Christine

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  1. I’m so glad you’re back! As someone who lives part time in Galicia (around Coruña), I love reading about your life in the northern part of the country. We loved our time in Bilbao and in Asturias. So many people go and love the south, and it’s nice to see the north captured in such a beautiful way. Cheers! I look forward to reading about your adventures this spring. Welcome back! :-)

    Kelly recently posted…Sangría de la gringa…best sangría everMy Profile

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    • I still need to make it to Galicia–one of the few communidades I haven’t been to! Thanks for your support!

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  2. I’m glad to hear you feel rejuvenated! I’m really looking forward to reading your blog again. Sometimes we all need some time away from our hobbies, no matter how much we love them. It helps us get a different perspective on them.

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  3. Hi Christine,

    Excellent blog and wonderful photos!

    I lived in Madrid for several years before returning to Northern California (Berkeley) where I’m from… But after four years back I think I’m considering living in either Asturias (Oviedo or Gijon) or Basque country. What’s your take on Bilbao for someone fluent in Spanish (half-latino)? I’m translator with a fair number of long-term clients, so am not too worried about work…

    Thanks! – Eric

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    • I’m half-latina too! Bilbao is a great city, they speak much more Spanish there than Basque, so you won’t have any trouble whatsoever. Asturias is wonderful too.

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  4. Welcome Back! Just in time for Spring, which I just loved when I lived in Spain.

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  5. Hi Christine,

    I have been browsing your blog for almost an hour. I feel that I have exceeded the time frame for lurking without leaving a comment. Your blog is fantastic!

    I lived in Spain for a year back in 2009/2010 in Cordoba. I love Spain and I’m heading back in June this year, but I don’t plan to return to live in the South this time. I’m definitely aiming to live somewhere in the North. I’m sure the weather, the scenery, and even the more reserved nature of the people, would suit me much better than Andalucia. So I’ve been enjoying all of your gorgeous pictures and insightful text about the Basque Country. Thanks for the extra inspiration.
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    • I would live in the north just to experience a different side of Spain! Best of luck with your decision, I’m sure you’ll be happy wherever you end up!

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  6. It’s good to hear you’re back. Will be looking forward to more blogs on Spain. It’s one of my favorite European countries since my great, great grandparents are from Barcelona.

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  7. Christine,

    I began reading your blog in 2013. I missed it while you were gone, but so glad you are back! Love reading and the photos are simply the best!

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