Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain

On Tuesday, my host mom offered to take the other aupairs and I to Cádiz for the morning. She had a quick work meeting, and we had freetime, so we all hopped in the car for the hour or so drive through the Andalusian countryside. We winded up and down the rolling hills until we were at sea-level, passing through Tarifa (a popular beach town and a kite-surfers paradise) and continued on until we reached our destination.

Cádiz is, like Algeciras, a port city. It is also the most ancient continuously inhabited city of Western Europe and is the capital of the Cádiz Province, which I live in. As for more fun facts, it was also the place where the beach scene of the James Bond Die Another Day movie w/ Halle Berry was filmed, and it boasts a world-renowned Carnavale celebration only second-best to Rio de Janeiro’s!

Cádiz has two parts, the old city and the modern city, divided by a stone wall (called Las Puertas de Tierra) complete with cannons. We spent our short time there exploring the old city, characterized by narrow cobblestone streets connecting larger plazas dotted with churches and cafes, while the modern city has wide streets and, of course, contemporary architecture.

The few pics above are of the Plaza de la Catedral, the waterfront and the aforementioned narrow streets in old town.

Since our stay was only a short one, we’ll definitely be back for Carnavale :)

Author: Christine

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