Scenes from Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz Part II

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Did you catch Part I of Scenes from Conil? The Tower of Guzman, which is the symbol of the city.  A cute pup cooling off in the shade of its owner’s restaurant. The Church of Santa Catalina. The blindingly white streets of Conil. One of Conil’s many beautiful beaches. The walkway down to the beach and hidden coves. Palm trees and bell towers. Hints of color in an otherwise white...

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Scenes from Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz

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A visual voyage through the white-washed walls and golden beaches of Conil de la Frontera: Playa de los Bateles, studded with beach umbrellas in the middle of a hot afternoon. An artisan market, offering up handmade jewelry, clothing, and more on the beach promenade. Fresh squeezed orange juice, café con leche and pan con tomate=the breakfast of champions. La Iglesia de Santa Catalina, built in 1411 onto what was once a mosque. Though I opted to rent an apartment in Conil, the next time I go, I’ll seriously consider camping in Conil because the campsite is close to here. Looks...

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Conil de la Frontera; You Surprised Me

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What do you get when you mix a pretty Spanish white village, plop it in front of a stunning stretch of coastline, and add in a healthy dose of great nightlife? Chances are, you’ll get Conil de la Frontera. After visiting this last weekend, I was surprised I had never heard much of this town before. Sometimes, I think it’s better that way. That way, I can’t build up unrealistic expectations in my head, and just let it surprise me for what it is. And surprise me it did. It has a beach for everyone. The first thing you notice when you step onto Conil’s main beach is...

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Where to Eat in Tarifa, Spain: Restaurante El Tesoro

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Sometimes you have a dining experience that’s so perfect, from the location, to the food, down to the service, that it doesn’t really matter what the bill says at the end. El Tesoro, located in the mountainside of Tarifa near Bolonia gives you that type of experience. The restaurant is located off of the highway, past a sign prohibiting you from entering this “Military Road” and up a steep and curvy path that gets progressively worse the closer you get. In fact, the road is so bad (paved only about half-way and pock-marked with potholes and gravel the rest of the way)...

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20 Things I’ve Learned About Spaniards

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Toledo, Spain I’ve spent enough time in Spain to say I’ve learned a thing or two about Spaniards. Obviously, I know Spain is full of all sorts of people (like anywhere else in the world) and this list isn’t meant to be taken seriously in its generalizations.  A Spanish mother will never let you go hungry. She’ll also serve you generous portions at all meals. Generous is an understatement actually. That zest for life they’re so famous for? It’s true. The average Spaniard has a deeper appreciation of food and wine than the average person. I’m judging...

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Andalusian White Town: Vejer de la Frontera

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I kinda have a thing for Andalusia’s pueblos blancos. Maybe because they remind me a lot of my beloved Greek Island towns, or maybe because they’re largely untouched by tourism, contain authentic local cuisine, and represent an unmistakably Andalusian slice of life amongst their white-washed buildings and narrow streets. Either way, I’ll never tire of exploring a new pueblo blanco. Though they might all look fairly similar since they’re awash in white and usually perched on hill-tops, I find them unique in their details. This pueblo blanco in particular, Vejer de la...

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