Cudillero, Asturias: A Sea of Terracotta


Cudillero is one of those places that is just so achingly gorgeous, that it could set off wanderlust in even the biggest homebody. It’s a place you visit, and find yourself returning to often in your daydreams. Since I’m a sucker for pretty little towns, it’s no surprise that I loved Cudillero and ate up its views.

I remember seeing pictures of Cudillero a couple of years ago, splashed on the pages of a travel magazine. Then, I saw that the lovely La Tortuga Viajera had recently visited (check out her amazing photos!) I believe in love at first sight, because taking one look at the town was all the convincing I needed; I knew I just had to visit and luckily, a stop was included on my Asturias itinerary.

I visited in June, on an afternoon void of sunshine and people–but the town is so gorgeous, it doesn’t need to have good weather or even ambiente to be appreciated.

I mean, look at the place!




cudillero_streetsAs with most of the places I visited on this trip to Asturias, my time here was limited. Since I went during siesta, the town was quiet–perfect for clambering to the top for the best view, without having to elbow my way through crowds!

The walk is steep, but definitely worth it–you’re rewarded with views of terracotta rooftops, layers upon layers of quirky, colorful houses, all wrapped in a lush hillside and the Atlantic ocean.



cudillero_sea Cudillero is small, and one of Asturia’s most famous towns because it’s just so pretty. Other than that, the attractions here are basically limited to the views–which I’d say are most certainly worth stopping for.





 If you’re a little photo-obsessed, like me, you’ll find exploring the snaking streets to be the perfect way to spend your time here. Look who I found as I turned a corner!





cudillero-29 cudillero-33 cudillero-36

Whatever you do, make sure you give northern Spain some love on your next trip to this country. Unless you don’t like rolling green hills, sandy beaches, nearby mountains, incredible food and pretty towns like this…then just leave it for the rest of us.

Have you ever head of Cudillero? Would you add this town to your Spain itinerary?