Lastres, Asturias: Where the Dinosaurs Roamed

I saw Lastres in a photo (from the same viewpoint as my photo below) a few days before my departure to Asturias and it got me really excited about my trip. I mean, look at this place:




Talk about gorgeous!

While I didn’t even set foot in the actual town of Lastres (unless you count driving through), I did gawk over it from above, and learned about some of the town’s original inhabitants: dinosaurs.

Jurassic Museum of Asturias

Yup, there have been dinosaur prints found on some of the cliffs on the coastline in the area, and excavations in 2005 found not only Jurassic prints, but bones. These fossils have been put on display in the neighboring town of Colunga, at a multi-million dollar Jurassic museum that I visited as part of my Asturias tour.

Fun fact: the museum is shaped like a dinosaur print!



Before my visit, I had no idea that Asturias had found dinosaur prints on its coastline, so I was definitely excited to check out the museum. It did not disappoint. It was as interesting for the thousands of fossils and life-sized dinosaurs on display as it was for its cool architecture. See that plywood ceiling in the photos below? They’re meant to simulate a dinosaur’s rib-cage–I love seeing creativity in action like that.



While the museum focuses on the Jurassic period, it does feature collections that span over 3,500 million years! It’s regarded as one of the best museums in the world of its kind. It would be a perfect stop for families, or just anyone who wants to learn more about these incredible beasts.

Museum Info:

General admission: €7

Entry free on Wednesdays and always free from those 3 and under.

For location, schedules and more, check out the museum’s website.


This was included as part of my visit to Asturias with Turismo de Asturias and Paradores de España. All opinions are my own.