The French Pyrenees: La Mongie





As we drove further and further away from Lourdes, past pretty Bagnères-de-Bigorre , and through the green valleys of the French Pyrenees, we made the ascent to the largest ski station in the area: La Mongie. Stepping out into the cool, clean mountain air, the only thing we could hear were the occasional barks of some shepherds’ dogs, and a whistle or two from their master who was overseeing everything. The dogs gracefully laced in and out of the giant herd of sheep pictured below, setting off a domino-effect of ringing bells that were tied around their necks as they trotted into place.

Content with the herd’s position, both dog and master rested; heading to the stream, fed by last year’s snow, that cut down the hill-side. One of the dogs laid down in the stream without a second thought; feverishly gulping the water around him, as the shepherds scrubbed their hands, and chatted amongst themselves.

I love bearing witness to such simple scenes of everyday life that are so different from my own. Just another reason why travel has me so enamored, I suppose.
la-mongie-ski-station la-mongie-ski-lift la-mongie mountain-path-france la-mongie-sheep sheep-herd-france stream-french-pyrenees shepards-french-pyrenees sheep-french-pyrenees french-pyrenees-valleys valley-la-mongie

I’d love to come back in the winter and cozy up in cabin with a fireplace…wouldn’t you?



Author: Christine

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  1. I agree that catching a glimpse of the everyday life of another place is one of the most fascinating – and special – things about travel. Lovely photos!
    Laura recently posted…October in an InstagramMy Profile

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  2. What lovely photos. The craggy rocks and herds of goats, beautiful mountains in the background — you captured it well. The view of the men at the creek is also quintessential!
    Ann recently posted…Old Photos, Familiar or UnfamiliarMy Profile

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  3. Gorgeous photos! I haven’t spent anytime in the Pyrenees and given that they look like this, I have to get there soon.

    Thanks for sharing your visit!
    Christina recently posted…Honfleur Vintage CarouselMy Profile

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  4. Those photos are all stunning, but the one with the river is the best. It is just magical.

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