Getaria, Spain: Txakolí, BBQ Fish, and Haute Couture?

Getaria, Spain

Buildings in the port of Getaria, Spain

Balenciaga Musuem Getaria Spain

The Balenciaga Musuem in Getaria, Spain

Pintxos Getaria

Pintxos in Getaria

Getaria's main street

Getaria’s main street

The coastline of Getaria

The coastline of Getaria 

Streets of Getaria, Spain

Streets of Getaria, Spain


Txakolí from Getaria

A weekend jaunt up the Basque coast led me to Getaria, Spain: a fishing village that has produced quite a few big names considering its small size. The first reason why Getaria came on my travel radar was for one of its most famous residents: Cristóbal Balenciaga, the Basque couturier who started up a fashion house with a now-worldwide reputation. The creations of Balenciaga and the creative directors that followed him, have been spotted on everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Kim Kardashian. He has an museum dedicated to him in Getaria, full of his best work. And while I didn’t see the inside of it during this particular trip, I’m pulling a Schwarzenegger by promising ”I’ll be back!”

Getaria’s Famous Faces

Another well-know one-time resident of Getaria was Juan Sebastián Elcano, Magellan’s right-hand man, and the first man to circumnavigate the world in search of a shorter route to The Spice Islands. While Elcano surely failed Geography, as he thought the world was much smaller than it actually is, he did in fact make it around the globe with no shortage of great stories to share; from surviving malnutrition, epic storms at sea, mutiny and more. Those ambitious Basques!

Pescado a la Brasa

Other notable accomplishments from Getaria are their barbecued fish, known as pescado a la brasa. Here, they’ve mastered the art of grilling fish–one well-known restaurant in town named Kaia-Kaipe goes so far to say that: “Decir parilla es decir Getaria.” How’s that for synonymous?!


And lastly…we mustn’t forget Getaria’s other claim to fame: Txakolí, a crisp white wine that originates from Basque Country and complements pintxos most perfectly. The Getaria wine region was first to receive the Denominación de Origen, which is Spain’s highly-regulated classification system that ensures quality for wine and food products.

Getaria makes for a great day-trip from San Sebastián, as it’s only a short 25-minute drive away. 

Have you ever been to Getaria?

Author: Christine

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  1. You must visit the museum, it’s one of the best fashion museums I’ve ever seen :) and I loved those fish restaurants by the port that grilled whole fish out on the street. Beautiful little town!
    kat recently posted…mapping rome’s centro storicoMy Profile

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    • I know, it looks amazing! Don’t worry, a visit is in my near future for sure!

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  2. I have not been there but based on these photos, I’m really missing out. I need to broaden my horizons when it comes to Spain!
    Megan recently posted…Tales From Minsk, Part 1My Profile

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    • That’s the best part about so much of the north…full of gorgeous little coastal towns that nobody has really heard of! You’ll have to visit!

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