Guest Post: Gran Canaria Fact File


Gran Canaria is a year round holiday destination for sun seekers and it’s easy to see why. With daytime temperatures in the winter rarely dropping below 20c and a summertime average of 24c, any month of the year is the perfect time to grab your travel bag and hop on one of the flights to Gran Canaria. Here a few fun facts about this popular spot in the Canary Islands.

Location, Location, Location

Gran Canaria is actually closer to the North West coast of Africa than it is to the European continent, which goes some way to explaining its unique climate of year round sunshine. It is also one of seven islands which make up the Canary Islands archipelago. Why not combine your trip to one of the neighbouring islands? Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote all offer great insights into the islanders way of life.

Visit a Volcano

If it’s a break from the beach you’re looking for head to Mount Teide for some breathtaking views. A year round favourite for sightseers, the volcano is responsible for many of the so called ‘black beaches’ on the island, the fine soft shingle is created by the volcanic activity of these natural wonders – which give the Canary Islands beaches their unique look.

Local Cuisine

You would be forgiven for thinking that tapas is the local favourite around these parts, but with the islands being so close to Africa there is a heavy influence of aromatic herbs and spices that give the Canaries a distinct flavour and colour to their food. Ropa Vieja is a local dish made up of chicken, potatoes, garbanzo beans and spices like thyme, oregano and coriander to name but a few. The combination of these flavoursome ingredients really bring home the North African connection that lies deep in the heart of the island.

Swim with turtles

There are many diving & snorkelling trips available in the Canaries, which is one of the best chances you will get to encounter the endangered loggerhead turtle. At around 3-4 feet long these majestic creatures have an aura of a magic about them and are relics from a prehistoric age that give your imagination a peek into the underwater world we rarely get chance to experience.

Whichever island you choose to visit, the Canary Islands offer something for every taste and budget. Whether it’s discovering the history of its cities, sightseeing or just some quality time on the beach, anytime is the perfect time to visit the unique islands!

Image by Giuseppe Milo, used under the Creative Commons license.

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