Guest Post: Get Acquainted with the Cultural Side of Miami

Miami is a melting pot of different cultural influences. It is clearly seen in the diversity of people living in the city. However, one culture has stood out above the rest. It is the Latin culture. This is explainable by the reason that most of the inhabitants are mostly from different places all over Latin America: Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Cuba, among many others. As a matter of fact, a certain study was conducted, and it showed that more than 55% of Miami inhabitants were born and raised in a foreign country. Therefore, when you walk along Miami streets, you will often hear people talking in Spanish and English.


 The topic about Miami’s culture is often considered as complex and exotic. There is so much growth and evolution in this city. However, this fact can sometimes be viewed in a negative light. So much is the evolution in this city that many inhabitants are unknowingly forced to transfer to the west part of Miami because the previously ordinary areas surrounding the beaches have become too expensive for living. Because of this, it is quite understandable to clearly distinguish who the affluent ones are vs who the greater minority are.



A major influence in the Miami culture is the Cuban community. The heart of this community is Little Havana. This location is famous because of its history and culture. It is only composed of 25 blocks but the inhabitants have filled the space with car dealerships, restaurants, and music stores. It is also here where you can see the famous factories for cigars. By far, one of the most popular streets here is Calle Ocho, which is quite impressive with its Latin themed parties. It is also here where the Miami Carnival is being held. Therefore, if you want to see the cultural side of Miami, it is recommended for you to attend one of these many carnivals.

Many tourists spend time in Miami to witness the Miami Carnival. It is considered as the most important as well as the biggest Latin carnival in the U.S. During the month of March, a Miami hotels  usually full of tourists who stay in the city for the 10 day festival. According to studies, more than a million tourists visit Little Havana every year in order to experience the exotic music, culture and Hispanic food being presented for the carnival. This is a very festive activity in Miami.



If you are a first timer in visiting Miami, you will certainly feel that you are indulged in a totally different continent. This is because of the different feel and ambiance in the malls, and restaurants. A typical Miami hotel is also a very inviting place for you to stay. The people are very welcoming and hospitable. Indeed, Miami is a very rich country in terms of culture. Upon setting foot in its soils, you will right away feel its uniqueness and special quality. Make sure you learn some basic Spanish phrases and learn some Latin moves during your next visit in Miami.

Disclosure: This post was written and sponsored by a third party.

Photo credits: Kay Gaensler, socialBedia, techyourpicture, iJammin.

Author: Christine

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