Ibiza Calling – The Best Highlights of the White Isle

Ibiza is an island all too often written off by holiday makers. Yes, it’s a party island, but that isn’t to say there aren’t more than enough reasons for you to visit. If you want to get a quick lowdown on the famous White Isle, here’s our little guide.

Things to do

Boat Charter: Undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience Ibiza is by boat. By hiring a private boat you can visit remote beaches as well as attend exclusive VIP events. This makes it a perfect experience for those in search of a memorable day trip. Whether you want to relax or party, hiring a boat is a quintessential Ibiza experience not to be missed.

Island tours: If you want to explore the White Isles, an island tour is more than advised. Whether you want to do it by car, motorbike, buggy or even by horse, there are a number of incredible tours that will take you off the beaten track! 

Sports and activities: Being an island with more beaches than one can possibly remember, Ibiza is ideal for activities such as diving, horse riding and water sports. Acrobosc is another must do activity for thrill seeking holidaymakers.

Top Beaches

Cala Salada Beach: Cala Salada Beach is a beautiful spot for those wanting to relax. Surrounded by incredible pine forest, this little cove is well protected and much quieter than most beaches in Ibiza. This is because there are no tourist ferries that service the area. The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming! 

Cala Nova Beach: This expansive beach is idyllic to say the least. With beautiful turquoise water and more than enough shallow areas to frolic, Cala Nova is extremely safe which makes it great for families.

Benirrás Beach: This secluded beach is one of our favourites on the isle, despite the fact that it can get insanely busy! This spot is well-known for its drumming, with people descending upon the beach when the sun goes down to thump the night away. 

Cala San Cincente Beach: If you’re looking for a beautiful family friendly beach, Cala San Cincente is your best bet. Lined with palm trees and a number of beachside cafes, this bay is perfect for a day of relaxation.  If you want to experience the amazing beaches on offer whilst on Spain holidays, be sure to click here!

 Top Clubs

Pacha: Pacha is undoubtedly Ibiza’s most iconic club. Started in 1973, you can be sure that years of partying have been distilled into the perfect environment for a night out. Whilst it may be quite commercial, it’s a piece of history best experienced first hand.

Space: It’s hard to imagine Ibiza clubbing without Space. For years now, it’s been one of the best clubs, renowned for its mad opening and closing parties as well as all the latest names in electronic music.

 Ibiza Rocks: Celebrated for bringing underground acts to Ibiza, Ibiza Rocks is the best place to catch the latest cuts in music. The crowd tends to be quite young but that shouldn’t deter you from having a great time.

 Amnesia: This two-room venue is one of our personal favourites and will never result in a night to forget. With a broad range of genres covered throughout the season, it’s a great club for people of all tastes!

 The high season can get extremely busy, so if you’re looking at holiday options, it’s always best you plan well ahead to avoid paying over the odds!


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