So, It’s Been Awhile…



























 Here’s my obligatory disclaimer/apology/bad blogger fess-up since I haven’t been churning out new content as of late. But, I have been working (a lot!) on various projects and playing a bit as well—I recently got back from 9 days in a region of Spain I’ve never been to before: Valencia!

Other firsts: going camping (no, my Girl Scout camping trips don’t count), trying real paella in it’s place of origin (buenísimo!), and experiencing a HUGE adrenaline rush on a 10-story free fall and countless crazy rollercoasters in Benidorm’s Terra Mitica (might still be reeling from that!)

Here’s a little peek of what I’ve been up to:


The swimming pool at the camping resort. Not too shabby!

Terra Mitica from the sky.

More pool shots. Where I spent most of my vacation.

The port of Torrevieja as seen from the dinner table one night.


A pretty castle.

The drive through barren Andalucía.

Hope you’re all having a lovely summer and thanks for your patience with me. :)



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