Big News! I’m Moving!



I’ve always embraced change. When I had to start over at a new school in 6th grade, I wasn’t hung up on the fact I’d be leaving my friends—I was more excited at the thought of meeting new people. When I had to choose where to go to university, I chose to move to the midwest and leave the west coast behind (which turned out to be a decision that didn’t fit, and I gladly moved back to Seattle 2 years later!) Instead of staying in Seattle and starting a career—I decided to move across the world. And now that I’ve decided to stay awhile in Spain, it’s time for me to embrace change again— I’m moving to País Vasco!

Though I’ll miss many things about the south, I couldn’t be more thrilled at this opportunity to start over in a different part of Spain. I’ve seen a lot of friends come and go over the years in my little corner of this country, and I can’t believe it’s finally ‘my turn’ to do the same!

I’ve tried to keep this blog a positive space, so I never got in to too much detail about my current city—because saying anything positive about it was seriously tough! Blogging has been my outlet over the years while living in this less-than-ideal place. In a place that’s challenged me in absolutely every way. In a place where many times giving up my dream of living abroad in Spain seemed easier than toughing it out and enjoying the ride. But, I’m not ready to throw in the towel, and change is exactly what I need!

The north and south are two distinct parts of Spain, and I’m excited to bring new content to the blog while I delve into a new culture. Though I’ve written about the north in the past, I’ve barely scratched the surface and can’t wait to share my new adventures with you!

So while I may be trading in sunshine for more Seattle-esque weather, there will be no shortage of beautiful beaches, cute small towns and drool-worthy cuisine coming your way. I hope you’ll continue to follow along my journey!

5 comments on “Big News! I’m Moving!”

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  2. Mike Reply

    I’m fairly new to your blog, but am definitely enjoying it. I applied to teach English in Spain for next year and have Andalucía and País Vasco as my two top region choices!

    • Christine Reply

      That’s awesome! I spent 3 years living in Andalucía, and now am living in Basque Country, so let me know if you need any advice! When will you find out your placement?

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