Luarca, Asturias: Spain’s Most Beautiful Town?

Luarca calls itself “El Pueblo Más Bonito de España” or, “Spain’s Most Beautiful Town.” It’s in a privileged location: with the Bay of Biscay on its doorstep, plentiful beaches to take advantage of during the summer months, and all of the surrounding outdoorsy goodness that is Asturias. It’s a stop for those on the Camino del Norte, as well as sun-worshippers, but mainly it’s just a pretty fishing village.

When my guide, Elena, and I stopped in Luarca after a jam-packed day hopping from coastal town to coastal town, she pointed out that from Luarca westward, the colorful Asturian buildings I had enjoyed so much were less frequent, matching more the Galician style with their white-washed facades–which explain’s Luarca’s other nickname as “Villa Blanca de la Costa Verde.

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The Cemetery With the Best Views

A surprising place to take in the view is the town’s cemetery, located on top of the hill that winds down to the center. Here, lots of notable families and people are buried: artists, poets, journalists and more. While visiting cemeteries may seem rather morbid to some, Luarca calls theirs an “open-air museum.” I just call it a great place to take in some views!

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Things To Do in Luarca

Luarca isn’t a place you go to to check off monuments–it’s a place you go to to unwind and take in some of the simple pleasures the town offers: to enjoy a steaming mug of café con leche by the port, check out the daily fish auction at the lonja, stroll through its streets and plazas. Like Cudillero, it’s best seen from above, so make sure you stop at the top before you descend down, to fully appreciate it.

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Head to the Pastelería

I may have the world’s biggest sweet tooth, so upon learning that nearly every town in Asturias has its it’s own specialty baked good, I obviously had to investigate. While my research may have been in vain (I never did find out Luarca’s specialty), there’s no complaints over here!

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What do you think? Does Luarca really live up to its name of “Spain’s Most Beautiful Town?”

I went to Asturias as a guest of Turismo de Asturias and Paradores de España. All opinions are my own.  

Author: Christine

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  1. You beat me to writing about it! Honestly, Luarca didn’t live up to my expectations. Maybe it was because we’d just walked 31 kilometers and my feet were ready to fall off, or maybe it’s because it was overrun with people, or maybe it’s because we stayed in a gross pension and the beach was ugly…though your photos make it look like a totally different town!
    Cat of Sunshine and Siestas recently posted…A Por Ellos: What to Know Before Attending a Spanish Soccer GameMy Profile

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    • I had no expectations, as I had never even heard of it until the day I went! I think it’s a very authentic town that stays true to its fishing history, but it didn’t blow me away either.

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  2. You were there, recently, Cat, no? And Christine was there in June, before the schools were out and the tourist season began. It makes a heck of a difference to a place. I love where I’ve been living the last couple of years. At least I love it for ten months of the year, July and August I actively hate it!
    Linda recently posted…Deciding, Discarding and DreamingMy Profile

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  3. A group of us went bike riding from our town in Ondarroa,Bizkaia to Oviedo about 30 years ago and we stopped in this town to rest for one night,it’s a beautiful town,after dinner in the puerto we had to run to our tents in the Camping,it rained so hard that a million snails were coming out of nowhere,unbelievable,never seen so many snails in all my life….but it was fun !

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    • This weekend it was raining really hard in the Basque Country and a bunch of snails came out too…I’ve never seen anything like it! That must have been a gorgeous bike ride.

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  4. Wow- this looks amazing, you have some beautiful photos. I’m a sucker for a great cemetery (and holy cow, this one looks like it wins them all on coolness), plus all the boats and color- definitely going on my list for the next trip back!
    Greta recently posted…White Washed Heaven: Walls of Vejer de la FronteraMy Profile

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    • Thanks, likewise! Just checked out your post on Vejer–love that village!

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  5. Hey Christine, thanks for putting this piece together :) I’m currently in the process of planning a tour throughout Spain and wasn’t planning to see much of the North. Will have to change it now though!

    The place reminds me of a small British seaside town except it looks clean, attractive and features quality baking instead of a Greggs!

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