The Painted Forest (El Bosque Pintado)


Today, we’re going on a hike. But this isn’t your ordinary walk through the woods. This is what is called here in Spain El Bosque Pintado or, The Painted Forest. Sounds enchanting, doesn’t it?










 We went at the right time, with the sunlight filtering through the trees casting a warm glow over everything. It was a summer evening, just when the sun starts its slow descent to the other side of the world for the night. The trail was sprinkled with a few groups of hikers here and there, but mostly we felt alone and quiet in our thoughts, breathing in the scent of pine needles.

At the end of the trail you come across the work of Agustín Ibarrola. He’s the same Basque artist whose work I’ve written about before, from my trip to Llanes, known for his eccentric public displays. The Painted Forest is probably his best-known work, one that uses the trees as a canvas and requires you to move around strategic points to play with depth of field and see images come together. If you like modern art, it’s safe to say you’ll like this. 

Personally, I find modern art baffling, but I love hiking so it wasn’t an afternoon wasted by any means. Especially when at the trailhead there’s a bar with jugs of iced tinto de verano waiting for you.

El Bosque Pintado is open-air and free to all. The last part of the hike down to the grove of painted trees is steep, so bring proper footwear. 

Do you ‘get’ modern art?


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      I’m always running into the Camino around here, but I didn’t realize it went through that area. I’ll be e-mailing you soon about some Camino advice. And thanks, this year I’ll be a better blogger! :)

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    Hah no, I usually don’t “get” modern art, but that walk looks incredible! I’ve never seen trees painted like that before, and was completely unaware of this bosque. A few of your photos remind me of walking the Camino this fall, but I was on the Camino francés.

    Thanks for sharing!

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