The Peaceful Side of Ibiza


Ever wanted to go to Ibiza but thought to yourself “I don’t like the nightlife and parties, so it’s probably not my kind of place?” Think that no more, for there is a lesser-known side of the island for those of us that like the quiet and prefer to relax taking long walks through peaceful little towns.

Where are those places, you may ask. Worry not, I’ll give you some tips for you to consider!

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

This is the perfect place in Ibiza to evade ourselves of the partying and the crowds. It’s in the center of Ibiza, and it’s a quiet town, built around a beautiful church of the XVIII century. It’s the typical mediterranean village, full of white houses and places created by artist and sculptors that fell in love with the village and contributed to its beauty.

And being in the center of the island, it’s the perfect place to plan some routes, by foot or by bike through the forests around the area. You can find some routes and guides in the Official Tourism Site of Ibiza.

Even though it’s not a big place, it’s full of restaurants and bars for us to enjoy a good meal for a reasonable price, and the artisan’s shops, antiques shop and the pleasant streets of the village make this place perfect for those looking to relax. 

Santa Eulalia del Río

Do you want to travel to Ibiza with your kids? This is the place for you. Located in the east coast of Ibiza, Santa Eulalia is an ideal place for those looking for a pleasant holidays in the beach. The village is also known to be one the favorite places for couples to escape from the nightlife of the island.

We can visit its beautiful beaches and coves that we can find near the village, but we can also visit the old district, the marina or the promenade. If we take a walk through the old district, we can see the numerous white houses that form it, and we will reach the town’s church, located in the top of the Puig de Missa hill. 

The Can Marçà Caves

If you like natural wonders, you cannot miss the Can Marçà Caves. Located in the north Ibiza, it is an amazing cave, with more than 100.000 years of old, located in the interior of the Port de Sant Miquel cliff. Since there are no public transport available to visit the caves, we will need to rent a car in order for us to reach the cliff, but the visit makes it worthwhile.

It was discovered by smugglers that used it to hide their goods in the past, and you can still see the marks that they left, signaling the entrance and exit.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a party animal to enjoy a good trip to Ibiza, since the island has a peaceful side to it as well. And since it’s not very known, we won’t have to expect a lot of people in these places. Perfect for those of us that seek a place to relax.

This content has been sponsored by a third-party. Ibiza photo by Flickr user Michela Simoncini

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