I need your help!

Friends & Followers,

I have a small favor to ask. I don’t ask for help too often as to not bother you, but something important to me came up.

I found an opportunity to enter a contest with On The Go Tours for the chance to travel to Morocco, Russia, Jordan, Turkey or Egypt as a blogger or photographer.

What does this mean for me? An amazing opportunity to travel to a destination I may not be able to get to otherwise and to learn a TON about travel writing and travel photography—two things near and dear to my heart.

So, how can you help you ask? Simple.

All you have to do is “like” my photo shot in Albuefeira, Portugal earlier this year. This means you have to have a Facebook account. Click here to go to my photo.

(If it doesn’t let you “like” the photo, try liking the On The Go Tours Facebook fanpage first.)

That’s it! Thanks so much for your <3 and support!

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