New Series: Spanish Slang Sundays

For the first in a new series of Sunday posts focusing on Spanish slang, we’re talking M O N E Y:

Pasta literally means, well, pasta, but is a slang-y way of talking about money. For example: “Tienes pasta?” “Do you have money?”

Pavos literally means turkeys but is often used in reference to money. It’s used just like how we use “bucks” in English. Ex: “Tengo 20 pavos.” “I have 20 bucks.”

Nadar en la abundancia is any idiom literally meaning “swimming in the abundance” but translates to “rolling in the dough.”

No abrir la bolsa is an idiom that translates to being tight with money; literally it means to “not open the purse.”

No llevar nada encima is another idiom meaning to “not have any money with.”


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