Spanish Slang Sundays: Personality Idioms

In English, we have a lots of idiomatic expressions to describe our fellow man. In Spanish, they may have even more:

Next to the Prison in Sevilla where Cervantes penned Don Quijote.

ser un Quijote literally means “to be a Quijote,” as in Don Quijote, the legendary chivalrous character in Miguel de Cervantes’ esteemed novel. It means “to be a dreamer.”

comer santos, literally “to eat saints” means someone who is very religious—think TV evangelist religious.

estar como una cabra, literally translates to “to be like a goat.” It really refers to someone crazy.

dejarse llevar, literally means to let yourself be lead, but really means “to be easygoing.”

ser una gallina is the same idiom as in English. It literally means “to be a chicken,” which we all know means to be a coward.

tragárselas todas literally means to swallow everything, but really refers to someone is who is naive.



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  • christineinspain

    posted 30 January, 2011
    by christineinspain

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