Spanish Slang Sundays: El Amor

I’m a huge sap, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, naturally I had to include a lil’ love talk on Spanish Slang Sundays. Here’s all the vocab, idioms and slang you need to feel all mushy-gushy, butterflies and rainbows, Romeo and Juliet inside:

amor a primera vista: love at first sight

muy enamorados: very much in love

cuento de hadas: fairy tale

amar/querer: to love

desear: to desire, want

besar: to kiss

abrazar: to hug

novio/a: boyfriend/girlfriend

mi cariño: my sweetheart/sweetie/honey etc.

mi cielo: literally my sky, my heaven but used as a term of affection

mi alma: lit. my soul

corazoncito: lit. (little) heart, term of affection

caramelito: literally little sweet/candy but used like dear, honey, etc.

amorcito: (little) love…Spanish-speakers love their diminutives!

te amo/te quiero: I love you te adoro: I adore you

quererse con locura: to love madly, to love to death

te echo de menos (Spain) te extraño (L Am.): I miss you

el amor es ciego: love is blind

Check back tomorrow for a 3-post Valentine’s Day special featuring Andi of, Alexis of and Annie of! Then, I promise I’ll cut out the cursi (corniness!)

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