Celebrating My Irish in Ireland

With my heritage stemming from nearly all corners of the globe, I could be considered a mutt, a Heinz 57 and/or a one-woman melting pot. I’m half-Mexican which traces back to not only the indigenous people of Mexico but also to Spain, and with my last name meaning “old city” in the Arab world, I could have some far traces there as well. Both of my grandparents in Mexico have Basque surnames, my grandpa was American, but his ancestors came over from England and my grandma was from Australia with roots in Scotland, and a little teeny tiny bit of them in Ireland. Now that my family history just trotted the globe, are you still with me?

I’ll take any excuse to wear kelly green and grab a pint with friends (though Bailey’s with milk is more up my alley!) just as I’ll take any excuse to travel. It took no convincing me on my aunt’s behalf to plan a trip together to Ireland to sip on Guinness, melt at the sound of the sweet Irish accent, and rediscover our roots. Here’s a bit of what we saw— Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

The view from the Blarney Castle.

Vibrant houses in a little Irish town.

You can’t buy green like this in a paint can.

The Cliffs of Moher.

Dublin; what a wonderful city!

Where we kissed the famed Blarney Stone—Blarney Castle.

Irish Pubs! The famous Temple Bar in Dublin.

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