Paris: My Wishlist

Tickets have been purchased, and I’m set to jet off to Paris in July for a few days! To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

The City of Lights

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Paris oozes chicness. It’s a city adored by many, and I suspect I’ll fall victim too; ending up hopelessly in love with it.

[Photo by chelstastic]

When I imagine Paris, many images are conjured. Here’s what I can’t wait to see/do/taste/smell/experience:

  • Window-Shopping on Champs-Élysées
  • Riding a Train to Versailles
  • Admiring Fine Art in the Louvre
  • Devouring French Pastries Everywhere
  • Staying in an Uber-Chic Parisian Apartment
  • Sipping Champagne Underneath The Eiffel Tower
  • Picnicking in the Luxembourg Gardens
  • Satisfying my inner foodie with a stroll down Rue Montorgueil

Now I’m convinced that it may be possible to fall in love with a place before you even go there.

What do you recommend I do/don’t do in Paris? What was worth every penny? What would you not do over again? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. killertcell said: statues (near the Eiffel Tower) & breathe and people watch and eat a crepe from a crepe cart (best thing I ate in Paris!) and take in the moment (i expect pictures of course! haha sorry to be so creepy but i’m very envious!)
  2. grilled-cheeeses said: Drink wine on the banks of the Seine at night- it’s what all the young people do! Also, you can def. skip Notre Dame - it’s so sadly, disgustingly touristy. I luckily went on a free admission day, but I would’ve been pissed if I’d paid to get in.
  3. nomadbuzz said: Might be there at the same time :) so maybe see you somewhere :)
  4. lagranada said: When you’re in Versailles, take the time to go to the back where you’ll find Marie Antoinette’s gardens. Find her hamlet and enjoy the walk there! It is a beautiful, Beauty and the Beast like area.
  5. krisisisipoo said: You MUST spend as much time as possible just relaxing and people watching at Jardin du Luxembourg. Sounds boring? I’m telling you, it was my favorite part of my trip to Paris, hands down. Also, street crepes: eat htem!
  6. thatsgoodsoup said: Be extremely mindful if you ride the metro. I had a friend who lived in Paris for 3 years. He said pickpockets are rampant on the metro.
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