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Guest Post: It’s a Big, Big World

Forget all that nonsense about this being a small world. It’s huge – too big, in fact – and no matter how many places you visit and how many flights you board, you will never run out of new destinations and new life-affirming experiences with which to fill your unconventional life.

The unfortunate downside to traveling in this modern day and age is that cost often dictates where and when we can go, but the upside is that when we actually get to where we want to go, the memories we gain blow the money argument out of the water. It would be nice if we could globetrot freely, but those days are lamentably long gone. Nevertheless, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a modern traveller, you can’t justifiably call yourself ‘seasoned’ until you’ve visited these five great cities of the world.

Sometimes cost also dictates how and where we get our forty winks on our travels, but City Base Apartments have comfortable and affordable pads dotted all around the globe, should you want to rest your tired legs at the end of the day:

Las Vegas

Photo via Creative Commons/Flickr

Las Vegas is the venue for the world’s biggest constant party. ‘Electric’ is the best way to describe this place, in two senses of the word. The first is obvious; Sin City generates millions of megawatts every hour to fuel the decadence of its millions of visitors. The second is probably just as obvious; the atmosphere is electrifying right the way down The Strip. Hundreds of shows a day, lots of loud music, an endless supply of food and drink and millions of dollars just waiting to be won – it’s not called the Entertainment Capital of the World for no reason.

Visitors to Vegas almost always want to come back, but if you don’t, it will still be an experience that you will never forget.


The capital of England is almost a country in itself; its sheer diversity will blow your mind. With an eclectic mix of ancient history and modern society, London will find its way into your heart, make itself comfortable and nestle there for a very long time. The time you spend here can be as calm or as hedonistic as you like, with the beautiful Buckingham Palace on one hand to the infamous Soho on the other.

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘there’s something for everyone?’ Well it has never been more true than it is in London.

As the true city of romance, Paris will tussle with London for that place in your heart. The French are very proud of their culture and their capital city is the epitome of that. The City of Lights will afford you the chance to eat frogs, see some of the most famous artworks on the planet and have a picnic under one of the most famous landmarks on the planet (which is, of course, an artwork in itself).

You will eat culture for breakfast in this wonderful part of the world.


Another cultural capital of the world, but this time in Italy; Florence just oozes class from every street. The former capital city of Italy has a rich history of artistic virtuosity and was the epicentre of the world-changing Renaissance period. Budding artists are not a rare sight in the museums and streets of this characteristically Italian town.

The entire culture of Florence is genuinely exquisite, from the art, to the food, to the wine, to the people, to the weather, to just about everything there is to be seen, done and experienced.

Rio de Janeiro

Photo via Creative Commons/Flickr: Cyro A. Silva

The River of January, aka Rio de Janeiro, has some of the best carnivals, beaches and cocktails in the world. It is extremely diverse and famously open to anything, which is also true in respect to its geographical location too. There are over 50km of white, sandy beaches along a coast that is also dotted with national parks.

You will be hard pressed to find a city that will give you more genuine, unadulterated fun than Rio de Janeiro.

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