Dreaming of Donostia

As the air cools down to something pleasant rather than stifling, the swimming pools close down, and the beaches empty out, I start missing summer. Not the uncomfortable, humid summer I found here in on the coast in Andalucía, but rather the warm, breezy, beautiful weather I found in the north.

Not every day was pleasant, but on those days when the sun came out it was perfection.

Just like my hometown of Seattle.

I had one of those perfect summery days during a trip with my family to Basque Country’s gorgeous resort city; San Sebastián (or Donostia in Basque.)

The water reflected the same azure blue of the sky, the city was buzzing with people out sun-bathing and strolling…it was one of those days I was reminded why San Sebastián always calls me back.

It was one of those days I never wanted to see the end of:

Yes, the water was really that blue. And ombre.

After pintxo-hopping and showing them around this Parisian inspired city, we headed back to the beachfront promenade just in time for sunset:

When is the last time you’ve had a perfect day? Tell me in the comments below!

Author: Christine

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  1. I want to thank you for this article, and for the whole blog. First of all, I adore the Vasque country, my dream city is San Sebastian, my favorite wine in the world is theTxacolí , my absolute favorite accesory in winter is my very own vasque txapela, my husband studied vasque cuisine at the Luis de Irizar school in San Se, also went to Pau University and lived in france, spain and texas at the same time during college and my sons and daughter write letters for the Olantxero and the 3 Reyes. We go to Donostia every summer or christmas…blah, blah….get the picture? I relate to your articles and just make me live them every time I read your blog…thank you! I really enjoy your pictures, please give us some more dreams, we share the love.

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    • Milesker, Ivonne! San Seb is one of my dream cities too. It’s a blessing having it so close! Thank you so much for reading!

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