Scenes from Alicante, Spain

When a place can combine being near the ocean and qualify in size, culture, dining options, etc. as a city—chances are, I’ll like it. Alicante, Spain was no exception. It’s a mid-sized city stretched out along the Mediterranean coast, famous for its gorgeous year-round weather and abundance of seafood-heavy rice dishes.

It’s full of palm-tree-lined boulevards, open-air cafés and a thriving nightlife—something all too-typical (and wonderful) about Spain.

My biggest mistake was not booking vacation home rentals in the area and making my visit longer than a day-trip. But, I did fit in:

Walking around the Old Quarter, which is almost always the most interesting part (read: full of character) in any of Spain’s cities.


Eating the local favorite, arroz a banda and what might be in the Top 3 bowls of Gazpacho I’ve had in Spain at El Buen Comer (C/Mayor, 8).

Enjoying the city’s beach. I went in August and welcomed the cool breeze and people-watching, but I have a feeling Alicante’s boardwalk is full year-round, as long as the sun is out.

Checking out the port and marina. Because a little day-dreaming of what having a little boat or yacht would be like doesn’t hurt, right?

Seeking the shade in city parks and under palm trees. Though it’s cooler than in-land Spain, Alicante is still HOT in the summer. Parks are always my refuge from the heat.

Taking a gelato break in one of their many, cool cafés. Is it just me, or is gelato a daily sacred ritual while on a summer vay-cay?

Have you been to/heard of Alicante, Spain?

*This post, while written by me, was made possible by a 3rd party.*

Author: Christine

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