Snapshots From San Sebastián

San Sebastián La Concha Beach San Sebastián Port Window Spain Sunset San Sebastián Window Spain Cathedral San Sebastián San Sebastián Port Cathedral San Sebastián Cathedral San Sebastián Plaza de la Constitución San Sebastián Jamón San Sebastián Sailing San Sebastián La Concha San Sebastián San Sebastián Port San Sebastián boys fishing

As much as I loved parts about living in Andalucía, (near-daily sunshine, I’m looking at you!) I am so happy to be in The Basque Country. The food, the people, the natural beauty, the culture and getting to live close to San Sebastián all make my heart flutter. This city is so special to me, and if I save up a good chunk of an expat pension, perhaps I’ll buy property there one day and make my lil’ dream of living there come true.

San Sebastián captures the hearts of many of its visitors…so much, that hearing anything negative about the city rarely happens. Ok, maybe a gripe or two about its priceyness, but not much outside of that. It’s a comfortable size, so it’s not sprawling and overwhelming like Madrid (which I love as well!), it’s got that world-renowned food scene that you may have heard a thing or two about, and it’s a hop and a skip away from the French border.

San Sebastián has a long and varied history: what was once a quaint fishing village is now a world-class resort town, thanks to the Queen of Spain making this city her royal summer residence at the Miramar Palace overlooking La Concha Bay. It’s also set to be the European Capital of Culture, along with Wrocław, Poland in 2016.

And did I mention how beautiful it is?

San-Seb, as I affectionately call it, has those rolling, emerald-green hills so characteristic of Basque Country, no less than three(!) beaches, and architecture that rivals the streets of Paris; it’s streets are chock-full of Belle Époque buildings. 

Come for a weekend, and you’ll want to stay forever…don’t say I didn’t warn you!

 What do you love most about San Sebastián?

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Author: Christine

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  1. Oh-I’m tearful and drooling! I lurrrrve Donostia and long to live there….ETA and all!

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    • Ah, you really don’t even notice the ETA after awhile, especially in the cities!

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    • Yeah, lately things have been quiet on the ETA front…hope it stays that way. Glad you enjoyed San-Seb as much as I do!

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    • Hope you can make it here someday too! I’ll trade you for a few days in Colmar! :)

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  2. I can stare at the first photo for minutes. You’ve really captured the moment there!

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  3. Nice to visit for a short stay but the weather is bad up north. It rains alot. You have great posts on Spain. Check out Santander or the picos while your up north. Try the rest then come to Valencia and enjoy the best of Spain. Good luck

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    • Yes, the weather tends to be rainy, but it is also the reason why the north is so lush and green! That’s a good trade-off for me. I’ve been to Santander, Picos are definitely on my radar. If I ever make it to Valencia, you’ll see it here!

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  4. Loved the photos of San Sebastian! We finally made the trek there mid-May. Sadly, the weather was horrible (downpour all but 2 hours when we rushed up to the ruins) but I still fell in love with the city, its people and of course, the food! Already trying to plan my return trip!!

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    • Aw, the weather has been just awful this year! They say the worst since 1985! Hope you can come back and soak up some sun :)

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    • I do! I’ve been meaning to do a post on this! E-mail me and I’ll send you my list of recommendations :)

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  5. Can’t get past the rain. The weather is awful. The food is great.

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  6. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. We are traveling to San Sebastián for the first time in November. We can’t wait :)

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    • That’s great! I hope you get some nice weather while you’re up here!

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