Spanish Gifts Worth Giving For the Holidays

Spanish children may be considered among the most lucky in the world, as they have not one, but two days they receive presents during the holidays. The first is Christmas morning, and the second, (and even bigger holiday) is Dia de Los Tres Reyes, or Day of the Three Kings, as in the Three Kings of Bethlehem.

Here are some must-have items from Spain to send home for the holidays, or bring back as souvenirs any time of the year:

Spanish Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

The Spanish practically bathe in this stuff, and for good reason. Olive oil is a staple in the Mediterranean diet as it is rich in mono-saturated fats that are credited for lowering the risk of coronary heart disease. Spain is the top producer of olive oil in the world and they garnish everything from salads to soup with it.

Handpainted Name/Address Tiles

Colorful, ornate tile-work from Spain is the perfect addition to any home or garden. Buy a nameplate to feature your last name as many Spanish do, or display your address outside of your home.


This sweet, festive nougat of Moorish origin is traditionally a Christmas treat and may be difficult to find outside of the holiday season. It comes in a myriad of flavors like Chocolate with Almonds, Strawberries and Cream, Praline, Whiskey Cream and more!

Gran Reserva Wine from La Rioja

The pride and joy of Spanish wine-making can be found in La Rioja (or in your local Spanish grocery store). Snag a bottle of high quality red for a great price to complement your Christmas roast. Gran Reserva is the highest quality, followed by Reserva, then Crianza. You can’t go wrong with any, this is Spain where even the table wine is good.


Sweet, crumbly almond cakes that melt in your mouth? Yes please. Like turrón, they come in a variety of flavors and are a must during the Christmas season.

Football Jerseys

In case you didn’t hear, Spain won a little title called the World Cup 2010 Championship.
For the sports lover in your life, bring home a National Team jersey.


From the simple to elaborate, cheap to wallet-draining, Spanish fans (abanicos) are a fun, feminine gift.

Jamon Iberico

Everyone should be so blessed as to try Jamon Iberico at one point or another in their life. If you’re American, good luck bringing it into the States, most meat is prohibited through customs.


This pricey spice may be a bit cheaper in Spain, where it is cultivated, and is an essential ingredient for aspiring chefs making their first paella.

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