The Spanish Pyrenees: Monte Perdido

While volunteering at the Tour de France with the Euskaltel Team this summer, I was introduced to the beauty that is the Pyrenees mountain range. Let me tell you, they’re not lying about those claims of “fresh mountain air”. At these altitudes, you’re getting nothing but fresh oxygen filling your lungs, exceptionally green landscapes, and probably the happiest wild horses that exist, galloping alongside your car.

I’m continuously amazed by this beautiful world we live in.




We passed over to the Spanish side for the night to rest at the Parador de Bielsa, at the foot of Monte Perdido, or “Lost Mountain”. The Parador is a big, rustic, stone building; perfect for really getting away from it all–you’re kilometers from anyone else besides hotel staff and guests, and surrounded completely by nature. While the hotel did have Wi-Fi, it was more tempting to disconnect and open up my window to the views and (seriously) babbling brook outside. I would love to come back in the winter and have this cozy place to hole up in after hours of playing in the snow!







These are the views from the Parador of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Monte Perdido. This is the third-highest mountain in the Pyrenees–doesn’t it look like a place you’d expect to see some mythical creature hanging about?






I was there just for one night, and headed out at sunrise to cross back over the French border and meet the cyclists at the finish line in the lovely town of Bagnères-de-Bigorre.



Have you ever been to the French or Spanish Pyrenees?