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Paris’s Palette

I didn’t go to Paris expecting to see much color. In a uniform city (there’s a strict 6-story max building code) often with a backdrop of a drab, gray sky, I didn’t imagine color would be bursting at its seams like it does in Morocco or Greece. 

But, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll find it:

You’ll find it in the manicured lawns of Versailles, in clusters of grapes, in neat rows of trees and in well-kept gardens.

You’ll find it in the bright, summer sky, in upholstered palace walls, and shabby-chic apartments.

You’ll find it in high-fashion storefront displays, in Berthillion ice-cream and upon quiet doorsteps.

You’ll find it in silky fabrics, in rain-kissed honeysuckle and flashy cars.

You’ll find color in Paris. It’s evasive, but it’s not understated.