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Curated Links Week 4

Photo: Taken in the white-washed seaside village of Asilah, Morocco in 2010.

Hope your weekend has been lovely, readers! My apologies for the quietness around here lately. As you know, I just got back from Portugal, and I’m trying to get reorganized.

After a hiatus last week, here’s more curated links!

It’s Sunday. In Spain, that means almost everything is shut down. So, I’m making these Oreo cookies today.

Have you heard about Google’s Project Glass? Can you imagine the future being like this?

Are you an Adobe Lightroom user? I found this online boutique of different presets you can buy to enhance your images.

Chris Arnade’s Faces of Addiction photography project is best explained by seeing, not explaining.

If you click on any link this week, make it this one! I’m trying to get votes to send my aunt and I to Australia. She’s a big inspiration of mine and has always supported my desire to travel. She’s currently battling cancer and I want to give her an unforgettable trip to celebrate her beating it, and to motivate her as she fights through. Thanks! :)

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Curated Links Week 3

Photo: Beautiful Bilbao, Spain

That summer-like weather I described in my last post? I kinda spoke too soon. As luck would have it, Friday ushered in rain, high winds and all-together crappiness. Hopefully it turns around soon, as Semana Santa is the week after next which equals no work+a trip to Lisbon, Portugal!

Have a good week!


Need to learn DSLR camera functions? Try out this simulator.

I’ve been living the Mediterranean Diet for 2+ years now and studies say, you should too.

I’m trying to learn HTML and coding. This is a great tool.

Art and fashion truly intersect in this Polyvore collection.

I loved this article about how one woman learned about her biracial existence by cooking Mexican food. Mmm, pass the frijoles!

This will make you smile. A collection of things I’m finding cute lately.

Man-pleasing chicken? Forget the silly name, this chicken isn’t sexist. Extra points for being easy AND delish.

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Curated Links Week 2

Photo: San Francisco, 2011

I hope you’re all recovering well from St. Paddy’s Day! I had a great day—went to Tarifa for a beachside walk at sunset, out for drinks in the center, then out again for tapas and beers at one of my favorite local restaurants. We finished the meal with a shot of ron miel (honey rum, mmm!) from the bar, that our waiter so nicely decided to give us. Not exactly a digestivo, but who am I to refuse?

The weather is warming up quickly here and I’m so excited to break out my dresses and sandals…but not quite yet. On the travel agenda, I’m tying up loose ends for Semana Santa in Lisbon, Portugal, planning a road-trip to Madrid to see the Copa del Rey final, and might throw in a weekend to Bilbao/San Seb since we have a long weekend in May coming up. 

Without further ado, here’s a round-up of links for this week:

I am completely wishing they sold edible peanut butter here in Spain because these peanut butter and jelly bars look to-die-for!

Are Americans letting their polite ways fall to the way-side? Sounds like they’re turning into Spaniards!

Awesome story about a woman who backpacked through Europe and the Middle East in the 1950’s, lost her passport and was recently reunited with it.

Hello, creative-types! Host your portfolio online for free here.

I enjoyed this post on learning to live with your wanderlust.

Need ideas for photography? Check this PDF list, sorted by month.

Have a great week!

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I'm Christine - a 25 year old American expat living la vida Española on the Mediterranean coast in Spain!

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