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One of my favorite fellow Spain bloggers, the beautiful La Tortuga Viajera, nominated me to participate in Trip Base’s My 7 Links, which is encouraging travel bloggers to dig up and brush off some dusty posts, that haven’t seen the light of the WWW in awhile and deserve to be revisited.

- My most beautiful post:

Upon my last trip to Sevilla, I was charmed yet again by the very Spanish feel of this Andalusian city. I wanted to inspire readers not only by the photography of the city, but also by my descriptions of what I experienced while there, and how my senses were heightened in every way. That’s why I chose to write it the way I did, breaking it down by each sense (taste, sight, touch, etc.) to bring you Sevilla for the Senses.

– My most popular post:

My experiences living as an expat seemed to strike a chord with a lot of readers. I felt inclined to clear up the misconceptions about expat life as many people back home seemed to have the idea that everyday was like being on vacation, while also highlighting how the expat experience has changed me as a person: Why Expat Life isn’t Exactly an Extended Vacation.

– My most controversial post:

I had a lot of fun writing this post about popular myths about Spain, and while most of the comments are great, a few were a bit snarky! Anytime I mention differences I’ve noted between Spain and the U.S., someone is bound to be upset, but I think it’s only because the Spanish are protective of their culture—and really who isn’t protective of their own culture?! What You Think You Know About Spain is Completely Wrong.


– My most helpful post:

Though this is technically a 2-post series, I’m limited to just 7 links here, so I’ll post only the first. Barcelona: Bohemian Grandeur retraces my steps through a quick weekend jaunt in this eclectic city, covering where I ate, where I experienced nightlife, what sights I saw, etc. with links and all the info you need to essentially recreate my trip!

– A post whose success surprised me:

My Travel Photography Obsession: Doors post definitely surprised me with the feedback it received. I wouldn’t have guessed that my collection of photos from doors all over the world would be received with so many nice comments and I was smiling from ear-to-ear reading them all.


– A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved;

My post on Lekeitio: One of the Most  Beautiful Places I’ve Been spotlighted one of my favorite, gorgeous Basque towns in Spain, but wasn’t met with much attention. Go check out what I consider to be one of the most beautiful places and leave it some love. :)

– The post that I’m the most proud of:

I was proud writing One Year In: Reflections on Life Abroad and seeing how far I had come in just one short year in Spain. Reading back on it now makes me proud to see all that changes that have happened since I’ve written it! 

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