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Spanish Slang Sundays: FIESTA

For the second installment of ‘Spanish Slang Sundays’ we’re putting on our party pants for all of the slang/vocab associated with fiestas:

Marcha = (mar-chuh) Nightlife. Salir de marcha means to go out and par-TAY! Or party. Whatever floats your boat.

Cerveza = (ther-veh-thuh) Beer. Come on, I know you remember this from your high school Spanish class. Mas cerveza, por favor! More beer, please!

Alegre = (all-eh-grey) Tipsy. Literally means happy.

Borracho/a = (bor-ah-cho) Drunk. ¡Estamos borrachas! We’re drunk! Or in my case, a phrase of bonding between cultures at my brother’s wedding.

Chupitos = (choo-pee-toes) Shots. From the verb chupar, which means to suck. Thus, shots are little sucks!

Resaca = (reh-sah-kah) Hangover. Tengo una resaca de la hostia. I have a really sh*tty hangover.

Dormir el vino = An idiom meaning to sleep off a hangover, in this example to sleep off the wine!

Pasarlo en grande = To have a GREAT time!

Botellón = (bo-tay-YOWN) Pre-funk, Pre-game. Outdoor gatherings (some cities are famous for attracting thousands!) of young people drinking cheap store-bought wine and beer before going out to bars and clubs.

A altas horas de la madrugada = An idiom signifying the early hours of the morning.

Aguafiestas = (ohg-wuh-fi-es-tas) Literally, water on a party which translates to wet blanket; party pooper.


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