Celebrating Thanksgiving Weekend in Sevilla


We crammed 45 or so Spaniards and Americans into one flat in to share the tradition of Thanksgiving with one another. I should have mentally prepared myself for all of the food…better yet, I dove in and ate like it was my last meal. I haven’t been around so many English-speaking people since my arrival in Spain, so it was weird adjusting the other way around.

Sevilla itself was nothing short of an amazing city. I loved the small town feel to it, even though it’s the biggest city in Andalucía and the financial, artistic and cultural capital. In Algeciras we joke that we’ve never seen so many elderly people or baby strollers in our entire life, so being in a city full of young people again was energizing.

Our first day, we walked around to get a feel of the city after some tapas, stopping by the medieval wall, Parque Maria Louisa, the beautiful Plaza España, and more. Day two was our Thanksgiving feast that more or less left us in a food coma and useless, day three we saw the awe-inspiring Catedral (the third largest in the world!), Giralda (bell tower with a 360 degree panoramic view of the city), Triana (a neighborhood across the Guadalquivir River), Plaza de Torros (bull-fighting stadium), the city center and everything in between. Day 4 we grudgingly left this beautiful city behind…

Author: Christine

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